I was immediately put on indefinite medical leave because Your life is in my hands Surgeon shirt . but we didn’t know what was wrong. I started consulting neurologists. The very first neuro that I saw literally scolded me like a child and told me to stop faking. It was humiliating. Why would I fake something like that and ruin my career and hurt my family? I tried other neurologists, and many, I’m talking several, humiliated me. They would stand there and laugh at me when I was asked to walk. I accepted that he was not going to give me the money and took it out of my 401K and took the. The next month I get an email from several siblings letting me know that he called all of them wanting them to know what and how he handled the situation. They all told him he was wrong and he not only should have given me the money but should have paid for the trip fully and given me spending money. He told my oldest sister that what I asked for was pocket change. To this day he blames me that the family doesn’t like his decision. He will not speak to me at all! Oh well! My mom use to say he is a weekend Christian.