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Even though a release date has yet to be confirmed, new evidence suggests that the upcoming Star Wars series Ahsoka has already been greenlit for a sophomore season Winnipeg Jets Is Love City Pride Shirt Ahsoka is one of the many highly anticipated Star Wars projects heading to Disney+ this year. It stars Rosario Dawson in the titular role and will also see many fan-favorite Rebels characters jump from animation to live-action.The show will continue the story of the Ghost crew, and fans will finally find the answers they have been searching for since the Rebels finale saw the purrgil take Ezra Bridger and Thrawn to unknown regions. Even though the first season has yet to air, new information by Disney points to the beloved Torguta returning sooner than fans think.

Winnipeg Jets Is Love City Pride Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Unisex Tee

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Ladies Tee

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Crewneck Sweatshirt

For Star Wars fans, a second season of the Ahsoka series feels inevitable, especially given the massive surge in popularity of the character in recent years Winnipeg Jets Is Love City Pride Shirt Dave Filoni, both a director and executive producer for Star Wars, created Ahsoka Tano, and the character was one of his first contributions to the galaxy, far, far, away.Since then, he has gone on to oversee the phenomenon that is The Mandalorian, as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and its revival season in 2020.More recently, he played a central role in Tales of the Jedi and treated fans to a fresh look at the Torguta’s life.Only recently, Filoni has also spoken to Empire about his disdain for “hard endings” and prefers to keep the door open to more storytelling.“I like reading books in a series and then thinking, ‘Oh, there’s another book, and this is going to keep going.’ It’s always sad for me when an adventure ends and the characters are seemingly done with their journey. So I think there’s always that little bit of hope that something can continue.”This certainly explains the volume of Ahsoka Tano content recently. Filoni’s dislike of when characters are “seemingly done with their journey” will likely make him reluctant to write a hard endpoint for Anakin Skywalker’s former padawan.With Ahsoka on the horizon, and the character’s popularity skyrocketing, it seems likely that Disney has everything to gain by not wanting to close the book on the surface anytime soon.Even if a second season has yet to be officially confirmed, it’s more than likely.


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    Nice shirt good quality

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    Fits true size. somehow it’s a good fabric.

  3. Meredith Williamson

    Good brand and good model

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