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You were a soldier in an army that was Wingz Café Racer Motorcycle shirt . of defending a castle or fortress that was surrounded by an enemy force. With supplies growing thin and the only choices appearing to be surrender or starvation, you made a pact with a mysterious stranger who offered to turn the tide of battle with arcane magic. I actually have a warlock that’s not terribly dissimilar. A hexblade padlock. He was a pirate who stumbled upon an uncharted island, and inside one of the island caves, he found a sword embedded deeply into a stone.

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As he approached, the sword began Wingz Café Racer Motorcycle shirt . to him, and granted him powers and yadda yadda yadda, you know how it goes. Outlander Warlock and Soldier Warlock seem pretty similar thematically. I was thinking a more distinct Soldier Warlock could be a Kill Bill/Red Dead Redemption/Dishonored situation Or perhaps a combat medic who patched up their allies in the front lines with a faint touch of bardic healing magic when the full-time healers were too busy or too far away. Can you use your voice as your instrument? I’m imagining a soldier who’s speeches rallies troops and who’s war cries shook the earth and filled the hearts of his comrades. Imagine Freddie Mercury mixed with Aragorn Or they would if it wasn’t for the fact that the party ignored the bard at every turn. Poor Cup the goblin. Only said a few words ever, and nobody talked to her. The party just ignored her at every. They eventually released her sister, after her friend(a half-drow bard who played music that accompanied her dancing, who I couldn’t introduce because he was more important for the story) eventually forcefully introduced himself to the party so they could eventually save her, but I never actually introduced Cup so what was supposed to be a big reveal never happened because it wouldn’t have felt satisfying. I’m an aspiring musician and have taken vocal lessons and all and love singing and yeah it is an instrument of its own, but I’m new to dnd and would really love to make a Freddie Mercury-esque bard. That is my go-to character. That the horn is also one handed is a plus.
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  1. Kathy Reuille

    amazing amazing amazing

  2. Houston Gray

    Being a cat lover I couldn’t resist this t shirt. I am the proud owner of 9 mountain t shirts so this makes number 10. All mountain t shirts are made of the highest quality. They wash well, do not go out of shape, shrink or go baggy; and if washed as per instructions there is no fading of the design, also they are suitable for tumble drying at medium temperature. The design is integrated into the shirt so nothing to rub off or disintegrate. The t shirts are thick cotton and loose fitted. This design is perfect for any cat lover.

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