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One of my first concerts We Salute All Vietnam Veterans shirt . my parents was the Grateful Dead in 95 when I was 15. I’ll never forget the twirlers in the halls of the arena. I wish I could get past Mayer’s terrible sound so I could enjoy Dead & Co like this. Edit for autocorrect weirdness. Some people here think he’s kinda being judgemental, but honestly, I think he’s just enjoying the “show”. He’s an usher, that job can be pretty boring. If I were him I would just be happy that there was something interesting to pass the time, and that it wasn’t people fighting or something. I was in S.F. the day Jerry Garcia died.

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I grew up listening to some GD- mainly their first We Salute All Vietnam Veterans shirt . and Skeletons in the Closet. Good tunes- my parents’ generation. If these people are having fun, even while alone, then dude needs to wipe that judgmental look off his face. I’ve never seen a more perfect embodiment of my dad. Loud, badly dancing British guy with a bunch of Grateful Dead tattoos (some done himself, along with his own name he tattooed on multiple parts of his body so, as he puts it, “he can remember his name when he was drunk”.) He and my mom were really into this kinda “lifestyle” – he still is lol. A couple of the older sales guys where I work are into the Dead and I’ve been dragged to a couple of shows, they seem to have a fun time (I guess whippets do that and are NEEDED to enjoy the music), cuz God damn that music sucks, at least they smoke a ton of weed. Wings are a big deal, and I didn’t even understand that until I got pinned. Having a pair of wings on you does a lot for you. Regardless of the few sketch kids who either have spent to much time on tour or bought their wings and pinned themselves, when someone sees you have your wings, they know you’ve been around a minute and that your trustworthy, and most importantly, that you are family.
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