Wakakaka Crew 2023 Willito Summer 2023 Shirt

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John Wick director Chad Stahelski revealed why he did not get too involved in the upcoming spin-off film Ballerina.Ballerina is set to hit theaters sometime in 2024, starring Ana de Armas as a ballerina assassin who is on a revenge quest to take down the people who killed her family Wakakaka Crew 2023 Willito Summer 2023 Shirt While it is unknown if a fifth mainline John Wick film will happen, Keanu Reeves’ titular action hero does have a “small part to play in” the upcoming blockbusterBallerina marks the first John Wick-related film that franchise director Chad Stahelski has not been involved in, as Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard director Les Wiseman gives his take on this beloved franchise.

Wakakaka Crew 2023 Willito Summer 2023 Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

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Crewneck Sweatshirt

The 54-year-old remarked that he likes “overseeing and helping guide in the mythos,” but it is “the individuality of the filmmakers” that should make each project stand out:”Because I don’t think if I’m the main creative force and everything… I think overseeing and helping guide in the mythos that we’ve created is great. But the individuality of the filmmakers and the storytellers we bring need to insert themselves into it. Because like I just told you, I think the biggest key to ‘John Wick’ was, it wasn’t meant to be a movie, it was a love letter and a personal note from Keanu and me. If there’s something you like about ‘John Wick 4,’ that’s me Wakakaka Crew 2023 Willito Summer 2023 Shirt If there’s something you don’t like about it, that’s me too.”He said letting these creatives play relatively freely within the world is important because, like with the John Wick films, each individual effort is ultimately a reflection of the filmmakers themselves:”The mistakes and the pluses good or bad, you’re seeing me. It’s just opening yourself up to the audience and going, ‘This is what I love. Hopefully, I’ll geek out just like you guys do and we’re all on the same page.’So in order to continue the franchise, Len needs to insert himself into ‘Ballerina.’ The people that are working, they need to do that. If there’s no love for the genre and the genre-mashing that we’re doing. I don’t know how you could expand it. It’s just more and bigger, right? And that’s not the point.”

2 reviews for Wakakaka Crew 2023 Willito Summer 2023 Shirt

  1. Ed Janzen

    High quality screen print

  2. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    Nice, beautifull & fit.

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