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That’s exactly why I’m doing Virginia State Black Ivy League shirt .  because I know not everyone can keep up with the bevy of announcements and I don’t want people to miss something they might like or have an interest in. I only ask that you upvote this post otherwise it’ll get buried among the barrage of individual posts. The mods have pinned it so now it is visible to everyone. I don’t have a Switch yet, but I am honestly can’t wait for Lumines or something. I still play my Vita because of that game. I know Tetris99 exists, but the Lumines music is so tantalizing.

Virginia State Black Ivy League shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Virginia State Black Ivy League  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Virginia State Black Ivy League  Hoodie
Virginia State Black Ivy League  Sweatshirt
Virginia State Black Ivy League  Unisex

That’s pretty ambitious for such a small studio though Virginia State Black Ivy League shirt . It looks promising gameplay-wise but I’m expecting at least a bit of jank. However, when making. like this the importance of the writing can not be understated. If the writing is compelling people will be willing to put up with a certain amount of jank I feel. Judging from the reviews of their last game that was already a bit of Hank but definitely playable. I think it’s fair to assume they’ll be heading in the right direction(judging from their even earlier games’ reviews). It also helps that the setting is looking unique, unlike their earlier games. The grand finale of the Gamescom Livestream was Geoff Keighley revealing that he’s a character in a Kojima game, and Kojima letting people know you can’t see Norman Reedus’ dick while his character is peeing. You can’t make this up. IIRC they wanted the franchise to just be called “Gears” with Gears 4, but they kept the “Of war” for brand recognition. They’ve dropped it now, though, completely. Can’t remember the full reasoning, though the part was because it’s always been called Gears by fans

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