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He’s Veterans against Biden shirt . been protective of his daughter. I would say he’s definitely mad that someone manipulated her and the whole lost innocence thing when she’s still so young. I don’t think he accepts any failure on his part outside of allowing her access to social media (snapchat) where it all happened. I hate this. To make it even worse a lot of McDonald’s have switched to putting their menu boards on tv screens that change when you’re in the middle of trying to read them. This so much. I witnessed a rather confrontational barista call someone out for doing this at a coffee shop many years ago and I still think about it all time. That woman is a hero

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That has since been Veterans against Biden shirt . and privileges have been reduced. Also, finding the seed of anger helps you to address the problem in later discussions. If someone wastes my time, it makes me mad, but when I analyze why I am mad, I realize that the person doesn’t respect my time or recognize the limits on the amount of time I have. Dude this shit happened to me at Yankee Stadium at Ben & Jerry’s stall. The line was huge, huge. Took 25 minutes to get to the front. And this jackass in front of me is pondering his existence for 5 extra minutes, only to order a cup of chocolate ice cream. it’s like that for me, too. When I run, I focus on breathing and I keep a stopwatch running and focus on getting each lap logged in. It seems like at first my brain wants to rehash some thoughts, but as I tire, my thoughts turn to breathe and encouraging myself to get the laps done. So, idk if that would help- kinda retrain your brain to STFU for 10 damn minutes. The best was “what toppings do you have?” even though they clearly wrote on the board and there’s a display right in front of you. Then they’d ask for something that we don’t have, ponder for another 30 seconds, then decide they don’t want toppings.

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2 reviews for Veterans against Biden shirt

  1. Kathy Reuille

    nice t-shirt, prestigious delivery

  2. Anthony Reid

    Fits true size. somehow it’s a good fabric.

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