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At first Vaya con dios shirt . I thought, ew I couldn’t date a teacher. I remembered that not only am I old enough now to date an adult, but my friends who are my exact age are now full-fledged teachers too. Sometimes I forget that I’m an adult in my mid-20s. I guess that explains why one of my teachers named their kid “Fynn”. It was horrid but there isn’t likely a kid with that name in his elementary classes now. My parents were both teachers, so choosing a name for me was a game of “No! That is the name of a naughty child” tennis. My mother was a teacher for a few years before I was born. I am named after a student that her favourite story about this student is “she fell asleep in class so I threw a piece of chalk at her and she lifted her head long enough to throw it back at me”.

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I’ve had many talks with my boyfriend about how we are going to be hard pressed to name a kid someday Vaya con dios shirt . We then spent a good 3 hours listing all the names we definitely couldn’t use. (Half the time me explaining a student and why we couldn’t ever use that name). Your list, totally understandable. What drove me nuts was the endless list making and sticking of post-its everywhere around the house. Is it really necessary to use the bathroom mirror as a remind me board‽  “pick your favourite grading pen because we have tests to grade.” Come August, I won’t be watching the game with you anymore, I’ll be back to grading. I’m surprised that a teacher would pick a name like that, knowing how kids tease. That’s the second half of the teacher name picking conundrum, picking a name that won’t get your kid teased. My dad was a teacher, and found less common, but not bizarre, names (my brother is Kevin).

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3 reviews for Vaya con dios shirt

  1. Lia Lyford

    Great shirt, very light but okay material

  2. Marianne Smart

    I’ve been looking for a perfect fit like this for months. This shirt is right on the money with the size.

  3. Trevor Masters

    Purchased this shirt as a Father’s Day gift. I have washed it a few times and still looks good. It hasn’t faded so for me that’s a plus. It fits my husband great! True to size!

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