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Only thing is most of the Ultra Maga Trump T-shirt . occurs on home soil, and the media over here loooooove to put a disgusting amount of pressure on our players. Like either you’re going to win everything or you’re going to lose everything – no in between. I imagine the papers will non-stop go on about how Konta’s gotta be the favorite going into Wimbledon and how “we can’t wait to have a British woman win the trophy since Virginia Wade”. This was partly why she lost in that 2017 semifinal (her mental fortitude seemed off) and practically never recovered until now!

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So nice of The Tennis Channel in the U Ultra Maga Trump T-shirt .S. to effectively show none of the matches. They showed the final point of the first set and the final point of the match, both on tape delay. I know the Federer match was on at the same time, but Sloane is true, you know, (and playing on Philippe Chatrier to boot). No way in hell they would have shown so little of the match if Serena had been playing. I’m in the US and I would rather watch Djokovic Nadal over Isner Anderson any day. In fact, don’t ever show me, Isner, unless he’s playing big three lol I guess it doesn’t work that way in the States but in the UK, our top-ranked player left in the draw usually takes precedence, especially this deep in the tournament. Now if you had Tennis Channel. you wouldn’t have that problem (as the Tennis Channel announcers remind us every five minutes). This kind of thing is why I have no qualms with bootleg/illegal streams. I have a comprehensive cable package and after 15 minutes trying various options I figured out they still made it impossible to watch the exact matches I want and to watch outside of the home…took me all of 5 minutes and an adblocker to find a perfect HD stream for both Nadal and Fed matches that I could dual-screen on my computer. Pathetic the media companies can’t do better; guess it’s licensing shenanigans with the events. More events need to follow the lead of the Masters with their awesome streaming.
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  1. Meredith Williamson

    muy buena calidad

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    Amazing for the price

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    I wear it a lot. It’s very satisfying.

  4. Michael Bertwell

    It is of excellent quality, and the printing of the drawing is perfect.

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    Great, nice one, very fit

  6. Kurstie Griffin

    good. nice clothing

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