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Yeah, I can see that uelI maurer freiheitstrychler shirt . I agree with you that she made choice and that influences how we should look at it. I was talking from my own experience of coming out, but there is definitely a real difference between me as a closeted person going to a gay bar (what I would consider a safe space, I’m not expecting to get outed), and her with her celebrity status going to a gay bar knowing and accepting she will be noticed. I didn’t consider that tbh. That’s not what people were saying when Jennie’s dating news broke on this sub. Everyone was eating it up and speculating in the comments.

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It’s still speculation about someone’s personal life uelI maurer freiheitstrychler shirt . There’s always going to be curious about idol’s lives because we appreciate and admire them. Is it so bad to wonder about them?  I think it’s absolutely awful that most idols can’t walk through an airport without being completely bombarded by screaming fans, a harmless discussion on that they will probably never see is nothing compared to that. That was reported by Dispatch and made news everywhere on Korean portals and people did call Dispatch trash over it even if there wasn’t any way to stop it. This is extra weird because it’s fans themselves doing the digging and a making a dispatch-y headline over it. Definitely no need to sensationalize it. It’s a candid moment of an idol in public, which is fluff. In all likelihood, LE was just having a fun night out with her friends. Just so happens that she ended up being in a gay. However, she consciously decided to get up on stage, dance, and provide fan service with dozens of cameras around in plain sight. I don’t think she was trying to make a statement or be a champion of the LGBT community. Hence why she didn’t make a public announcement or personally post photos/video of her night out. But she also clearly doesn’t give a fuck about people who would use this footage to slander her. It’s a big win for the LGBT community that she went out and did her thing knowing the potential backlash from the homophobic Korean general public. Frankly, fuck the haters; I’m sure LE would agree. She’s just doing her thing and that’s why fans love her for it.
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3 reviews for uelI maurer freiheitstrychler shirt

  1. Christian James

    Nice Shirt. Stuff is very cool.

  2. bill willman

    ideal. tiene un corte muy moderno!!

  3. mary Berry

    Not only did this arrive super quickly, it looked brilliant. The cats are hilarious and this was so well received as a gift. It’s not the first thing I’ve bought from this company and I wholeheartedly recommend them. Every t-shirt has been loved by the wearer and anyone who sees it.

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