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I appreciate your response man Twinks for Trump logo T-shirt . I’m off the market socialist camp, not full socialism as yeah that doesn’t work. I don’t think we’d be able to put something like that in place for a long time but I hope that these protests lead to real change, even if that does mean revolting. If a revolution does happen, well, I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is that’s for sure. I did some freelance remote work for a small company connected with applying for a COVID support grant for their sector. Gave them a decent discount off my usual rate because they’ve been hit hard by the lockdown.

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Just found out they got the grant and the first thing they did after telling me that asked me to Twinks for Trump logo T-shirt . submit another invoice to bring my charge up to full rate. Great company. I’ve been working through the entire COVID deal in a very nonessential factory. No hazard pay either. They sent some people home for two months and impeded their unemployment benefits. They added bonus points for this option letting them display their company logo in a self-congratulatory way, as though the company itself is on par with a front line worker. Bet they were like ‘We don’t see any problems here with this design…’ Oh, and where’s the credit to all of the self-checkout machines that were on those front lines? Not even touching on the offense veterans may take. I know there aren’t many left from WWII, but imagine losing a limb and watching your friends die to take that hill, only to see some teenager wearing this at work 80 years later to declare “management says I’m just like you!”
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2 reviews for Twinks for Trump logo T-shirt

  1. Michael Bertwell

    Got a Large size and Fits perfectly for my cousin who is 6”1 and my husband who is 6”

  2. Marianne Smart

    Shirt fit perfect and I get so many compliments when I wear this shirt!

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