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Same, I was looking forward to this Trump Was Right About Everything Shirt . a lot but this first storyline just did not grab me. Between Amazing, Friendly, Life Story, Superior, Miles Morales, and Ghost Spider my wallet can’t afford all of them. I already cut superior, the ASM tie in issues, and ghost spider, miles and friendly are probably next. It’s a quantity issue more than a quality one. Uhm I would recommend reading Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey first and then going right into X-Men Red. I didn’t like the under York story either. I don’t like when a writer is so on the nose with his or her politics.

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An enemy who is an orange skinned isolationist mayor who wants to live in the past? Whoever could that be a reference to Trump Was Right About Everything Shirt . I agree there’s been a bit of a lack in subtlety these days it’s like if your going to comment on the current political state of America try to make it not nuanced but actually I was more curious as to why people were disliking your comment even you don’t state any political beliefs your just commenting on the subtlety of it If you don’t want commentary on current world news and political happenings, I’m not sure if Big Two superhero comics are gonna really be your thing. Addressing political issues in comics goes back for decades. I like Amazing more tbh but art-wise this is the best page I’ve seen from the current Spidey books out right now. Maybe even Top 10 in modern Spider-Man art. By no means am. the other isn’t awesome. Just something about his interactions with others in this book makes me enjoy it on another level. Amazing is about to get real dark real quick, I like the levity of this run. It’s pretty good! I think the Spidey poses are a bit stiff for the most part and maybe a bit pedestrian. The 3 actions where he isn’t grounded look great though. I like my Spidey skinny and wiry and this one seems a bit… thick. Pretty cool storytelling. I can’t figure out Spider-Man’s durability. I mean he’s rated as one of the strongest in the Marvel universe, so he’d have to be durable just to keep his own flesh from ripping off his bones when he’s lifting heavy, right? And he regularly gets crushed by falling debris and thrown objects weighing several tons… .but says ouch when punched, and he is afraid of getting shot, and a housecat can scratch him. What gives? Is he durable or not?
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  1. Lia Lyford

    good looking, beautiful colour

  2. Houston Gray

    So happy with the cut of this shirt. A versatile shirt I can use anytime of the year. Classic, simple shirt with a twist. Love this shirt. Fast delivery!

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