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It’s possible but unlikely Top bedtime is 10 pm shirt . The breed is pretty rare, so you don’t generally see random mixes of them. Also, the nose, eyes, and hair look a lot more like an actual terrier than a TT. Your dog /does/ seem to have the leg length though. Either way, I’m sure your pup is a sweetie pie! Looks like your dog. And is more of a terrier. Versus a Tibetan Terrier which has a double coat which is soft. Also, TTs are an Apso breed of dog, not a terrier. Feet are also too small, even for a cross-breed as TTs have large paws with hair that grows between their pads so they don’t get cold feet in the snow.

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Ears on your dog are pointed instead of oversized and floppy like a TT Top bedtime is 10 pm shirt . Body too small and long, whereas as TTs tend to be very square and round. The tail should also curl which is likely to remain even after cross-breeding as it’s a dominant gene. I know you said it’s unlikely but I’m ready for him to get big and see how long his coat gets!! Thank you for your help!! That’s a lot of potential pups! He has some features that could fall under Cairn, Scottish, Russell, or Norwich terriers, but in all cases, he’s kinda big! So it’s hard to say. There’s actually a lot of dogs that look similar to TTs in the facial area which can be confusing. These dogs are often Wheaton terriers or poodles that are crossed with small dog breeds eg. Labradoodle, google. That said, you may want to investigate. If your dog is some kind of Long Haired Russell Terrier. Or Fox Terrier (wire haired) crossed with something? The ears, body, head, hair, eyes. And tail looks more similar in keeping with those breeds. How big is he and what’s the texture of his hair? He looks like he could be a Cairn mix but also seems too big for it.
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2 reviews for Top bedtime is 10 pm shirt

  1. Michelle Savage

    Very Cool, recomended nice shirt

  2. Houston Gray

    Love this shirt! Fit as expected. I like my shirts a little loose.

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