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Win or lose I’m still a fan Tn Daddy Tee Leopard shirt . It will change, may not in my lifetime but I still cheer for them. Is this about the Brown’s fans? Roger Staubach and Ken Stabler lead my two favorite teams. However, with the boycott, I have retired.  I try not to watch, Week after week I sit and listen to Larry rant at them he will never give up on them.  I’m a life-longer fan too and to add misery to it – hubby is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan – complete with season tickets – so I suffer without even living in MI! You are a putz for having the gear. Embracing the black Martha threw in the rubbish because she knows what fans want. This guy looks old enough to remember the 1991 team that won the division and destroyed Dallas in the division playoff game. They don’t disappoint me this year. I predicted in the preseason 7-9. Looks like it may hold true. But I gave up after watching the first game. I haven’t watched since. Only check in for the scores.

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Randy Hart hey Randy this sounds like you talking the same thing every year year after year after year and less and less to help OL wait till next year Tn Daddy Tee Leopard shirt . 2 yrs into a rebuild I think expectations are far too high! Give it a cpl more yrs we will look like Vikings only with an elite QB yup I said it elite! Great effort boys. Amazing when the backline plays its role properly and positions themselves correctly. Great effort Matty Eagles, add true hardness to that backline. The boys have shown what the current game plan can achieve, it is so good to see it in action! I am so happy today! That’s FOUL, on the pant-less fans part. What if I was there with my daughter n she saw that. NOT COOL AT ALL. I probably would’ve loved to put a hit on him also. Trip him up not a blindside cross block! Terrible Terry Tate would not condone that act. He better not come to NY since I’ll be waiting for him. “Head on a waffle”
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3 reviews for Tn Daddy Tee Leopard shirt

  1. Trevor Masters

    Awesome shirt and fits perfect!!

  2. Michelle Savage

    I love Marilyn Monroe and this red shirt is so pretty with the hot pink.
    Good quality and worth the money.
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  3. bill willman

    My husband loved these shirts so much, we ended up ordering a half dozen! Great product as you would expect

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