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My brother, I feel, is going down that route Tiger donniekellybaby fire avila shirt . He’s extremely defensive, thinks everyone is against him, speaks to my mum in ways I’ve never even imagine were possible for someone with basic respect. Parents are hoping he comes around. He’s the only boy and second last out of 4 kids so we’ve been giving him leeway. But I don’t know when it’s teenage angst and when it’s becoming something more serious. I WAS going down that path, but I’m glad I had the Internet to sort out the fact that I’m transgender and get the help I needed to calm myself. I think that if I didn’t know about the transition.

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 I would have continued down a dark path of not getting treatment and continually being more and more unwell Tiger donniekellybaby fire avila shirt . Now, I have a doctorate, I make six figures in a career that I love, and I’m working hard to wrap up my transition. These websites create an echo chamber of negativity. Kontra points did a really interesting video on incels and the addiction to having their opinions reaffirmed. (Like the rate me threads.) They’re depressed, angry, and suicidal, but because they’re constantly visiting these forums, there’s absolutely nothing a loved one can say can knock them out of it. Especially when they keep going to a place where they’re being reminded that suicide is the only answer. The comments have given me hope, though. It sounds like a lot of guys do eventually pull themselves out of there. She seems incredibly intelligent and her videos are interesting enough to keep my attention. I like Sean, but sometimes his voice is too soothing so I zone out and miss everything he said lol But I love his videos for fact-checking alt-right commentators. Let me put it this way, if you’re actually concerned you’re going to end up like OP’s kid then you’re already better than OP’s kid. If you’re sad talk to somebody if you feel isolated force yourself out of your comfort zone if you feel bitter try to remind yourself that the world isn’t the hellscape we often like to think it is. There is love in this world, and there are kindness and opportunity for everybody. Don’t worry yourself about politics, don’t worry about impressing anybody, just be kind and open to new things and sooner or later things will get better. Life might not ever be perfect, but how we approach even its worst parts is what separates a good person, or a happy person even, from a bad one.

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    Great shirt!

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    Nickel j’aime beaucoup

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