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If I would’ve put ND in the Orange Bowl This is my christmas pajama shirt . would’ve been a rematch with Virginia Tech and I know they don’t care for rematches In bowl games. So I moved ND to the Sugar and put LSU in the Orange Bowl where the SEC also can be placed. It may not be ideal, but if you are shooting for a true to life prediction then the Big 12 Runner-up and highest-ranked SEC team not in the Playoff would be in the Sugar Bowl, no other conference has tie ins to it. Man, you had me worried Utah wasn’t gonna make it for a second there lol. Oh well, I think this sim turned out pretty interesting and fun, thanks for doing this and I’m glad I was able to help.

This is my christmas pajama shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

This is my christmas pajama  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
This is my christmas pajama  Hoodie
This is my christmas pajama  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
This is my christmas pajama  Sweatshirt
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My thoughts on Texas and Oregon vs LSU and ISU were mainly the strength of schedule based This is my christmas pajama shirt . Texas had two losses (to ISU and OU) and two. in the top 15 (to LSU and ISU). ISU also had two top 15 wins (Texas and OU) but had the much worse second loss, to Baylor, and split the season series against Texas. Oregon had a very similar caliber of record to Texas since the simulated Pac was so stacked. And since Texas beat LSU, which was the best win of the bunch, not counting the split against ISU, I gave them the nod there. I went into this determined to rank all 10+ win teams as a philosophy. Turns out that was a bad idea given how this simulation ends up going and had 24 10+ win teams. I stuck to that philosophy regardless but in the future, I think I’d be more flexible lol. Teams like Florida, Penn State, Michigan State, etc. would probably be in over Ohio, Troy, SDSU, etc. Like I said in another post, if I put Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl it would’ve been a rematch with Virginia Tech.

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