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FANTASTIC post, OP This Is My Christmas Pajama shirt . The original Game Boy is one of the systems I’ve spent the most time collecting for. Game Boy recommendation threads almost always end up consisting only of the usual suspects (Mario, Pokemon, Link’s Awakening) – but the system’s most appealing quality is how off-the-wall these lesser-known titles can be. It’s great to see a post that recognizes this. Cosmo Tank, Great Greed and Tail ‘Gator are my favorite titles listed. It’s unreal how ahead of its time Great Greed was.

This Is My Christmas Pajama shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

This Is My Christmas Pajama  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
This Is My Christmas Pajama  Hoodie
This Is My Christmas Pajama  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
This Is My Christmas Pajama  Sweatshirt
This Is My Christmas Pajama  Unisex
Ghostbusters 2 is amazing This Is My Christmas Pajama shirt . I swear I had it but I can’t find the cart any longer and I was disappointed by the GB2 America got for NES. I also had but can’t find the James Bond GB game which was really different since it was action RPG but well done. Rolan’s Curse! I never played the second, but so fondly remember playing the original right when it came out. I remember my friend and I playing through together with the multiplayer function. The only game I’ve played on that list is Mr. Nutz (heh). Apart from the slightly unfortunate name its a solid platformer with some pretty great levels. One particularly memorable one is when you’re in a witches house and you end up getting shrunk down and have to go down the drain in the sink. Great Greed, a really fun game in the spirit of Dragon Warrior, but with some humor thrown in for kicks. I always wanted to get Rolan’s Curse but could never find it. I’d replace Tetris Blast with Wario Blast though. I remember back in 96 or 97 my grandmother took me to Zellers to pick out a game for my brothers Gameboy, as an end of term gift (kindergarten or grade 1). Anyways I wanted to get the wrestling game (WWF) for it but she wouldn’t have it and got me GoGoTank! As a kid, I found the game hard as hell but when I was a teenager I replayed it on my GBC and loved it. Too bad I’m in Aus for a year and don’t have access to my collection as I now-now ant to play it. One of the best Star Wars games I played. Ran super smooth on the original game boy and was a childhood favorite of mine. Would love to see this come back someday (would take a miracle I’m sure). I thought to call them hidden gems/lesser-known, but I decided not to of out a concern I’d be wrong for calling a game that, as I’ve heard people say Desert Strike is well-known for instance, but I still wanted to mention it, so I gave the title above.
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