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Tyler looked genuinely distraught The Norbert The Angry Beavers shirt . I doubt that he had any hand in this. It could be something paranormal giving you some kinds of premonition about bad things that are going to happen. Stay safe Claire! There is definitely something really bizarre going on here. I get the feeling that someone or something is trying to hurt you. Be very careful when you investigate this matter further.  I think it’s something paranormal and sinister. I mean the way he was grieving for Emily and then the video is messed up like that.

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I doubt it’s him but something is after you and I feel like Tyler has something to do with Emily’s death The Norbert The Angry Beavers shirt . I mean, if what you saw on the video is just a premonition of Emily’s suicide then you shouldn’t be feeling that something bad’s about to happen still since Emily’s already dead. Our mind has this weird ability to warn us about impending danger even if we don’t see it yet. Be very careful, OP. I am financially in a place where I could 100% afford to leave and be fine just taking care of my son and myself. I agree with everything you’re saying and I am having this talk with him tonight. Good luck, I hope he respects your feelings and gives you what you need. My husband allows me to be a disengaged fun aunt type with SS ( I do the majority of parenting of our DD when SS is with us which I never mind because he has a lot on his hands with SS) and it saved my sanity. I would feel the same as you in this situation, your mental health is extremely important and you need to keep it healthy to raise your son. This is my stance exactly on it all. I’ve spoken to them frankly, no room for interpretation, about how what they are doing directly effects me and how badly it hurts. They know. They understand. I know they do. If they’re capable of having their feelings hurt and explaining why they’re hurt they’re capable of understanding they’ve hurt someone else’s feelings and should know why that is wrong. I’m literally a single parent half the month. I have 0 help from my husband because of his work schedule. It’s 100% all me with all 3 kids. I love this. SS really responded to DH & I speaking to him like he was an actual human being and not babying him. As a result, I think he’s more willing to talk to us and acknowledge that he has feelings and feels more validated.
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  1. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    Nice T-shirt! Good quality and nice vibrant yellow color. Husband loves it!

  2. Marianne Smart

    cool shirt

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