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Rotten Tomatoes The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt released a new ranking for the best superhero television series of 2022, which includes both Marvel and DC properties, alongside others. As one might expect, some vocal fans highly disagree with it. When it comes to last year, there was no shortage of superhero-based projects. Kicking off 2022 was James Gunn’s Peacemaker in January before Marvel Studios started its slate with Moon Knight in March. Of course, the usual Marvel and DC affairs weren’t the only superhero stories in the streaming space. Amazon Studios aired the third season of their highly popular show, The Boys, and Netflix premiered The Sandman (although Rotten Tomatoes categorized this as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series). The year moved into summer with the likes of both Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, both of which were victims of mindless review-bombing from an immature minority of fans. Animated ventures also had time to shine, including Young Justice Season 4, Harley Quinn Season 3, and Baymax on Disney+. But, if those were all to be ranked, where would each fall?

The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt
The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt

The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt
The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt

This list from Rotten Tomatoes is certainly a bit odd when it comes to its ranking of projects The Devil Tarot Card Henry Zebrowski shirt For one, it’s hard to believe She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is as high as it is. It was easily the most divisive MCU outing in a long time. Even those who love it can often admit that it has its iffy moments throughout. Something similar could be said for Ms. Marvel. While a huge chunk of those who watched it seem to love it, most voices can agree that the villains were a massive disappointment, and the show’s overall quality did dip, if only momentarily, later in the season. No matter what order any of the nominees were in, somebody somewhere would have gotten mad about it. That’s simply how it works. Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight are all streaming on Disney+. Peacemaker can be found on HBO Max, and The Boys is available on Amazon Prime.


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