What I do remember is that I slowly started to feel a sense of Tanner Houck Wearing Yellow Sox Shirt . And like I wasn’t alone even when my roomy wasn’t there. I remember having feelings of trepidation when I was in that room, especially at night. I would finally pass out lying on my side, facing the closet. I could never seem to shake the nagging feeling that when I closed my eyes, that at some moment, I would open them, and something horrible would be standing there next to my bed glaring down at me. It got to the point that I rarely slept. I always kept the hall light on and the door open. I would finally doze off from sheer exhaustion. In my family the Christmas Holiday season. Such as where we are celebrating and picking a date. One year we decided that children who were still in school received gifts. High school usually received gift cards and adults did not receive a gift Now that our parents have passed we generally stay at home with our immediate family and then the extended family gets together on a date when the most people can attend. As our families enlarge they will probably drift farther away. The grandkids are now adults and not too many more years will probably start families of their own. This is grotesque, but you asked, so here we go.