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I agree Support your local farmer vintage shirt . I think that religious kids may be better disciplined. And there be polite and behave well. But they lack street smart and their disciplined upbringing surely sometimes makes them easier prey. I would also note that kids who grow up in hyper-controlled. In particular, they’re good at presenting one face to their parents while hiding major aspects of their lives from their families.

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Classic Ladies
Support your local farmer vintage  Hoodie
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in atheist homes can also be polite and disciplined Support your local farmer vintage shirt . I certainly was. I have three children and two of them have 89 and then 90 birth years. Her manner of dress (very childish backpack and MM hair clip) and the books she was reading seem far behind where my children were at that age. The Dr. Seuss book is something a kindergarten or first-grade child would read. I am not trying to be argumentative with the OP. Everything I have read about her just makes her seem to have an overall much younger mindset than my same age children. That could definitely contribute to the many theories saying she was groomed or led away by an adult or older child. Yeah, I was born in 91 and would have been well out of Dr. Seuss by her age, other than maybe reading it to my younger brother. Mickey Mouse I never liked, so I’m not 100% sure on the hair tie. In my experience, the girls I went to school with from very religious families tended to be a bit less mature and more sheltered than those who weren’t. They didn’t have as much of an idea of the real world and tended to act a couple of years below the average. Obviously not true for all, but definitely true for the girls in my Catholic girl’s high school. I was a voracious reader as a child and even well past the targeted age for some books, I still enjoyed reading books for younger readers. Asha could very well have just liked Dr. Seuss. Yeah. I’m not sure why people are so obsessed with the book indicating something about her level of intelligence or maturity. In addition to your point that she may just have liked Dr. Seuss, that specific book is more complex than any other.
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