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Oh man Support Your Local Farmer shirt . Where do. with the trailer? I absolutely loved it. It’s everything I want in a horror movie trailer: doesn’t reveal too much, builds suspense perfectly, creepy music and sound design, leaves me wanting more… Like I told many other folks here on this sub, my favorite shot is of Pennywise appearing in the slides. So creepy. It really looks like they’re stepping on the gas for this movie.  I think it was a fine balance. Lots of references to book passages gave me goosebumps.

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Support Your Local Farmer  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Support Your Local Farmer  Hoodie
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However, I feel like a lot of people that don’t follow the Support Your Local Farmer shirt . production is going to be severely disappointed by A) it’s not just a freaky clown movie or B) that it’s going to be a two-part movie. Let me preface this by saying I’m still only on the fourth chapter and am loving the book at the moment. But doesn’t George in the first chapter, when he’s going into the basement, describe his fear of It even though he never refers to it as a clown? At that point I was aware that it was some evil presence and not just a clown, although I was already familiar loosely with the plot from watching the 1990 mini-series. If you want to read the book but find it too overwhelming of a read, I highly recommend getting the audiobook from the Audible app. I think your first book is free or very cheap, and it’s a great deal considering the audiobook is. I think 50 bucks or so. Also, absolutely kills the narration. Very well done. Yeah, you get a free token with the trial so you can get any book for free. Also, I’d consider the audiobook more overwhelming than the book itself. It takes over 40 hours to listen to it all! Although great if you travel a lot or if you have a lot of mundane tasks to do throughout the day Am I correct in understanding that the film just focuses on the kids’ story with no adult timeline and that there is no longer a second film? IMDb summary only mentions the plot with the children and I don’t recall seeing adult analogs in the trailer Absolutely. Its probably my favorite from King. It is an extremely disturbing and frightening book. It is as much about the town of Derry as it is the kids. The monster feels properly horrifying and the reactions feel authentic. IMO it is a near-masterpiece with a.
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