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I get some very odd reactions when I go places Supernatural SPN Family shirt . with my daughter too. It started when she was around 16 and has led to some very awkward moments. In my case, I think it has to do with the fact that her mother is a different race and so she doesn’t look much like me, so it’s easier for them to assume things other than “father with daughter”. My daughter looks nothing like me. She looks exactly like her mother. I’ve had awkward moments as well. Even taking her to the doctor when she was a toddler. Nurses would always ask if I was the father.

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Supernatural SPN Family  Hoodie
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Always struck me as a little odd Supernatural SPN Family shirt . I just find it weird too how situations like Emmanuel Macron and his wife don’t seem to be a big deal in the eyes of the public. His wife was way more than double his age when they started, yet there’s little condemnation of what she did. I get weird looks all the time, and anywhere I go with my year old son, park, pool,etc. I’m the only parent playing with him,so all kids gather around and I’m stuck with a bunch of kids all so happy a parent lays with them for once. And I’m always a little scared that another parent will freak out if they see me playing with their kids. I love my daughter like crazy and when she laughs it’s like a drinking shot of pure happiness. But that little girl is just so much more work than she looks. here’s only in being a few times I’ve gotten a questioning look with my son, and really none are. One mom approached my boy and asked him who I was… I don’t think she had any bad intent, but kind of showed me that she didn’t think I was trustworthy. At birthday parties and kid functions I definitely feel ostracized though, there is always a group of like 12+ moms cackling away, and a few dad’s just kind of minding their own business. Other dad’s don’t usually seem all that friendly either, but a few have been quite friendly and inviting if our kids know each other. I cannot fathom how hard this would be to do all alone. It doesn’t seem like that much on paper, but it is really all encompassing and just non stop. No sick days. No time off. I’m finding it difficult to make time to do simple things like get a haircut.
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