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I love the snowball Straight Outta Hair Stylist shirt . I have been using it with my LJ + loon deck for a long time. It’s way better than zap already IMO. The slow is at least as powerful as the sun and the knockback resets its target and resets inferno dragon charge which is way more common than the inferno tower.  I mean the original purpose of Black Friday was a clearance sale after Thanksgiving to make room for the holidays. So other than Supercell just calling them “Black Friday Deals”.

Straight Outta Hair Stylist shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Straight Outta Hair Stylist  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Straight Outta Hair Stylist  Hoodie
Straight Outta Hair Stylist  Sweatshirt
Straight Outta Hair Stylist  Unisex
there’s really no other reason they’re “deals” other than the fact that they’re just artificially calling them that to get sales on that day Straight Outta Hair Stylist shirt . I wonder if the Elixir Collector change lends itself to allow for the creation of decks where you can sort of set your starting hand. Decks with elixir collector and mirror will have only 6 card possibilities for starting hand as opposed to other decks which will have 8. I don’t know if such a deck would be viable, but it could be more consistent. That’s actually a very interesting point! There has always been a debate whether card rotation should be predetermined by the player or if it should be random (at least I think its a debate). Randomness can undermine the skill required in a match, but set rotations could cater more to pros and not as much to the casual player. You will if you play them far from the tower, near the bridge. It could be an option offered to the player to which they prefer, but I doubt this will ever be a feature. Nonetheless, it would be a very interesting concept for the competitive scene and could add an extra layer to deck-building.  It was reworked some time ago because of this very fact. If it was in your starting hand then technically you would only be able to play 3 cards, so SC reworked it similar to what they’re doing with elixir collector. If an opponent uses an elixir pump in the first move, I almost always win because it’s a rushing opportunity and they have to play catch up. So a late, timed play, could make it more interesting for me to see. This is a HUGE buff to freeze.. at tourney standard you’re getting longer duration and damage?? Wtf!! Balloons and hogs are going to decimate this game now.
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