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The Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure is anything but a small entertainment venue.This 2000-seat, indoor theater has hosted Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular and even Frozen! Live at the Hyperion, a forerunner for Frozen the Broadway Musical.However, the theater has remained closed since the 2020 pandemic; and while it currently belongs to the loosely-themed Hollywood Backlot area of the park, it also sits at one of the entrances to Avengers Campus.Rogers: The Musical next to Avengers Campus makes sense both visually and thematically. But that’s not all St Louis Cardinals Is Love City Pride Shirt The Hyperion Theater just happens to be by one of Avengers Campus’ Shawarma Palaces, a reference to 2012’s The Avengers. It’s no secret that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is a big fan of Disney Parks and Rogers: The Musical.In fact, the MCU executive chose to kick off the Marvel Studios panel at the 2022 D23 Expo with a live performance of Rogers: The Musical’s “Save the City.” Perhaps this was a dry run for what Feige and Disney had planned for right across the street at Disney California Adventure.

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While many are speculating that Rogers: The Musical is what Disney has planned, the other leading theory is that Disney is casting for a stage version of 1997’s Hercules. While a number of the casting call’s character descriptions do evoke that of Hercules, Phil, and possibly Hades, requiring a female character with a strong British accent isn’t on par with Meg, the animated film’s heroine St Louis Cardinals Is Love City Pride Shirt Also, the Russo Brothers, who ironically directed multiple Captain America and Avengers films, are developing a live-action remake of Hercules. Disney has a history of integrating live-action remakes of its animated classics into the parks after they’ve premiered, not before.And, if a new Hercules is underway, it’s unlikely that Disney Parks would spend funds on production based on an older version of the tale. So is this casting call for Rogers: The Musical? While Disney has yet to provide any additional information or clues, the posting did state that Disney would be sharing more details soon. If so, it will be interesting to learn what Disney and Marvel have planned for a full version of the production, especially since Hawkeye’s “Save the City” was reportedly the Act 1 closer. Could fans see more Hamilton inspirations, events of Civil War and Endgame, and possibly an explanation for why Ant-Man was at the Battle of New York? No doubt Cap’s “Star Spangled Man” and “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” would have a presence as well. For now, these Rogers: The Musical rumors have left Marvel and Disney Parks fans with plenty to speculate about.


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