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Boun bung far Sovpro Logo T-shirt . I’ve been to a few of these when we lived in Laos. Heaps of fun. The rockets in Laos aren’t quite so high tech but just as spectacular. As the day progresses, the drunker everyone gets, the bigger the rockets get. A good movie The Rocket a Lao Australian movie with English subtitles seen it several times flying Qantas. Yep, seen it several times. I have it on DVD. Another good movie (a doco) to come out Laos is Bomb Harvest by the same producers. And no OH&S. …Rockets going off everywhere, people wandering randomly and often the rockets misfire and implode, collapsing their bamboo launching rigs and everyone runs for their lives! My memories of the rocket festival in Laos.  It is a festival held to commemorate the start of the monsoon season, & to ask nature for good rains to nourish the rice fields in the coming season. Well Donald better slap sanctions on them because they are making rockets that could threaten the US as his advisors will tell him once they see this. 

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Grandad would have been in his element at this rocket festival! Tipping a strict ‘no OH&S’ policy would apply lol Sovpro Logo T-shirt . Wheres the sanctions pretty soon they’ll be firing of nuclear warheads they need. To be stopped now we can not stand for this behaviour. Have been there for that festival some amazing skyrockets! Bring on the rain. Can nth Korea enter do they bet on where they land how many can they injure what goes up must come down or does it go into space so many questions so many betting options. This happens to one of our customers the other day! They went downstairs and found the carpet wet!! Plus, they were leaving for vacation the next day!
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3 reviews for Sovpro Logo T-shirt

  1. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    Awesome shirt, it’s more orangey and less yellow than the photo, which is actually better than pictured

  2. Christian James

    Fits well, retains it’s shape once washed. Fabric is not too thick, it’s great for either hot summer or cool summer days that have lots of wind. Vusually it’s a fun tee shirt, my husband just loves all the creatures on it. He wanted to wear it immediately.

  3. Luke Livingston

    Purchased this shirt as a Father’s Day gift. I have washed it a few times and still looks good. It hasn’t faded so for me that’s a plus. It fits my husband great! True to size!

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