I had to see the way to be safe, talking with Skull Cadillac shirt . he agreed with me that I should look at least for a pepper spray but what else I could do. Then the unexpected happened, we were getting ready with my friend to have a birthday party for some of her friends and of course her boyfriend would come, I was attending people, and we were preparing the cakes and food when my friend’s cell phone rang, I saw her pale, I ran to her and she started screaming, I was confused! we all were scared as we did not know what happened; when she could recover her breath she said, that he was murdered. We all were in shock. There were four other people who reached out to me. All threatened me, all cussed at me, all told me they wished I would rot in hell. One was a single mother who had sold all her belongings and was supposed to meet my father at the airport with her Visa and plane tickets, destined for Austria and freedom. I recently transferred a client because they developed romantic feelings. Definitely not good and certainly not helpful for them. Fortunately I picked up early enough that he was still “realising” it. And when I broached his feelings, he opened up. My suspect stalker was the one who dragged her off me! I ran and hid in my room for two days. I couldn’t look at either of them.