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The sweet prince Shrek Donkey And Puss In Boots From Shrek Movie shirt of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is back and bigger than ever. Vin Diesel returns as Groot in his final Swole form. After the traumatic death of Groot the First in Guardians Vol. 1, Groot the Second has been a face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at every turn. Baby Groot, teenage Groot, and now Swole Groot is the closest thing the MCU will get to Pokémon and fans are here for it. Despite saying no more than 4 words in his MCU tenure, Groot is set up for ANOTHER scene-stealing role in Volume 3. One of the most interesting characters in the MCU, Karen Gillan’s Nebula has had one of the most intriguing arcs of anyone on this list. Starting as a henchwoman heel in Vol. 1, evolving to a reluctant member of the team in Vol. 2, and a cornerstone piece of Infinity War and Endgame as she becomes an Avenger. Gillan has teased that Nebula’s time spent with Tony Stark, The Avengers, and James Rhodes has lightened up her stern and stubborn personality – as was known by her hilarious Christmas gift to Rocket.

Shrek Donkey And Puss In Boots From Shrek Movie shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Shrek Donkey And Puss In Boots From Shrek Movie shirt
Shrek Donkey And Puss In Boots From Shrek Movie shirt

The mocap king is back in his second role in the MCU, Ravager leader Kraglin. Brother of the director James Gunn Shrek Donkey And Puss In Boots From Shrek Movie shirt Sean Gunn pulls double duty for every Guardians property as Kraglin and the mocap actor for Rocket Racoon. Despite being mostly a supporting character for Quill and Yondu, Kraglin has had some surprisingly emotional moments in the franchise. With the red fin atop his head, fans are waiting to see if Kraglin has improved his arrow whistling skills to bring back one of the best weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the last post-credit scenes from The Infinity Saga yet to be addressed, Will Poulter will make his debut as Adam Warlock – and the debut Vol. 3 trailer revealed his stunning MCU design. Poulter is most known for his norratic and comedic role in We Are The Millers. After a Micky Mouse workout and a classic Hollywood glow-up, Poulter has now been cast as what many in the Marvel Universe refer to as the perfect specimen. There are so many threads leading to this character that could be addressed. He is a product of Sovereign, created to beat the Guardians, and there is an eerie similarity between his brief post-credit introduction and the creation of The Eternals. So, keep an eye out for that.


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