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I don’t have all the Sell The Team Bob shirt . cause. I had just started using Reddit frequently, but a few years ago someone bought a house (I think) with a sealed safe in the basement. Posted semi-regular updates of failed attempts to break it open. A month after month we waited and watched, helpless, just hoping that eventually, we would discover what magic this mystery safe held. About 9 months after the original post, we discovered nothing of substance was in the safe, and we all were utterly disappointed. The original safe post was over 6 years ago. Safe belonged to drug dealers allegedly, the guy never posted the updates.

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OP got harassed for a while, and he Sell The Team Bob shirt . moved. Another Redditor moved in, busted open the safe and found nothing but a fat spider IIRC. I suspect I probably wasn’t even on Reddit at that time. I remember being around for the safe jokes, but thinking about where I was in life 5 years ago I think I had decided I needed a break from Reddit somewhere around that time. For reference, the first Frozen movie and Despicable Me 2 were the overexposed franchises of 2013. Besides every type of merch in every type of shop, you might have seen all the middle-age power quote posts on facebook during this time. People on Reddit to figure out who the. Boston bomber was, they identified some random citizen as the bomber. A bunch of people harassed the guy to the point that he committed suicide. It’s the reason people on Reddit used to say “we did it Reddit”.Every month or so someone will post a “redecorating my new house and found a safe in the …..” post. They post as soon as they find it and then it’s days, weeks, months till we find out what’s inside. Often they never report back. When they do it’s usually nothing or garbage items, but we still hope for one day, a day when our hopes will be rewarded and we find bars of gold, a skeleton, jimmy Hoffa.
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3 reviews for Sell The Team Bob shirt

  1. Michelle Savage

    nice quality shirt

  2. Kurstie Griffin

    I purchased this for my husband after the passing of and he loves the shirt the colors are pretty good fabric

  3. Lia Lyford

    This 10 Kitten shirt has brought me extraordinary joy. I’ve worn it as pajamas, as a dress and as part of my Happy Troll costume. The fabric is thick and the pics intrigue my little furballs. Thank you for making a shirt with magical cat attracting properties!

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