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Because people are selfish and ungrateful Rogue Energy shirt . Heck, I saw some people talking about how ready they were for a “practically-guaranteed” Succubus/Witch Camilla right after she got her summer seasonal this year as if they didn’t just get a brand-new version. T-shirt design near me.  “ignoring the opinion of other, consider every done to please you as normal and acting like you own the place”. Yeah pretty sure that is what is defined as selfish and ungrateful, that is not proof of liking a character, that is the proof of liking your opinion. If he/she liked the character, he/she would focus on completely merging the character rather than thinking about asking for more, that is just greed and not love otherwise. stopping putting words into people mouths and twisting the truth people like they own the place and think their favorite is the only ones that deserve alt, are not just “liking” a character they are acting like spoiled greedy brats.

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Rogue Energy  Classic Women's T-shirt
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Rogue Energy  Long Sleeved T-shirt
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Unisex Sweatshirt
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I have made arguments to back that up but despite making the assumption you are not willing to read them Rogue Energy shirt .  Dude, I think you’re replying to the wrong person. I was replying to the guy who said that somebody wanting a Camilla alt over a Mia alt was selfish and ungrateful…I’m not sure where this whole owning the place thing came from I just don’t think to prefer one character get an alt over another warrant that giant wall of angry text. Shoot the people like you who come out the woodwork to shame people who like Lyn, Lucina, Corrin, Camilla are seriously the worst and you really need to chill. Also, edit no character “deserves” anything IS can put whatever character they want into the game.

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