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If Rafa Nadal 22 King of Clay shirt . husband had any kind of senior NCO rank they thought it applied to them too. Stupid wives like this really don’t understand. Their entitlement can get their husbands in a lot of trouble, even to the point of getting them kicked out of the military. I knew enlisted members, who welcomed deployment and going on temporary duty assignments to get the hell away from their wives. They, no doubt, had their affairs while they were abroad. Adding insult to injury, my former supervisor cheated on her saint. A husband while he was in Turkey and ended up ripe with another man’s baby. Somehow I doubt it’s about control the little lady at home. Should he spank her bottom to keep her in line?

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I want to throw him under the bus but everyone tells me to stay out of it Rafa Nadal 22 King of Clay shirt . Since they’re all closer friends to him I just accepted it and cut them out of my life instead. Evidence is the part. Without video or clear pictures… its just hearsay. I know a soldier whose wife doesn’t hang out with the other soldier’s wives. He’s literally been denied a promotion three times, and every General tells him it’s because of his wife. She’s friends with people outside of the military. They’re constantly telling him that she needs to make her “behave.” I have tried hanging out with military wives. It wasn’t fun. A lot of them were dumb. It was pretty hard to find young, married women, with an education, with actual brains, with no kids, who are military spouses.  That sounds like an incredibly Shitty expectation. That a woman is not entitled to her own friends and life but instead has to spend her time with her Husband workmates wives who she may have nothing in common with beyond having married a soldier. And to his credit, so does he. He’s pretty bitter about it. Why does it matter if the wife wants to hang out with her own friends? Unless I’m misunderstanding and the wives are also getting a paycheck. All I can say is that I’m very glad such B.S. expectations are absent from the Canadian military. God forbid someone wants to have a life of their fucking own, not attached to their husband’s job. I don’t know, man. Like, she married into the military. Obviously she didn’t think her husband was beneath her and wasn’t marrying for the money. But just reading this I can practically hear your disgust at seeing her in a BMW, like that matters.
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3 reviews for Rafa Nadal 22 King of Clay shirt

  1. Anthony Reid

    cool shirt

  2. mary Berry

    tamaño perfecto, muy llamativa esta camisa, me gusta mucho

  3. Ed Janzen

    Esta muy bien una sudadera que aunque no es de tejido muy grueso esta muy bien. La talla viene un pelin pequeña.

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