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My interpretation is that Premium Vul Gate shirt . she came across in her travels, either in Bellingham or possibly beforehand, abducted and murdered her, then attempted to dispose of the Jeep as evidence. It was in a really remote area. Absent a lead at some point, it seems impossible that her remains would ever be found since she wasn’t with the Jeep. I actually spent a week camping in Snoqualmie in 1998 and there’s a lot of rough terrains out there for someone with nefarious purposes to dispose of evidence.

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I live here, this happened Premium Vul Gate shirt . from my home. My own property is only five acres but most of it is quite rugged and dense, I wouldn’t know if there was anything back there like that. I used go-go camping in Washington all the time and sometimes I’d just look at the vast wilderness and think how you could get lost out there with no one finding your body for thousands of years. Yes, see my other comment. I believe she was accosted while camping up there or caught someone trying the break into her Jeep after returning from a hike and it was a panic killing and the Jeep was run off the road to get rid of the evidence. What do you think about the pry marks on the driver’s side door? Very interesting. I just think if someone was camping out in there, the first thing they would have done is search and scavenge through that jeep for any type of useful stuff or valuables. Is it possible that after someone murdered her and disposed of her car in this way, someone completely different started camping out in the car, or do you think that’s too much of a coincidence? That makes sense, but it also bothers me that a perp would take much effort to cover up a crime, especially in an area that is surrounded by rough terrain. And not to steal anything, either. I read that Leah’s mother’s ring was found beneath either the seat or carpet of the vehicle…it means Leah bothered to hide it for whatever reason. Why would a perp do that? My friends and I usually hide our belongings before exploring/hiking, so there’s nothing to take if we get mugged. Maybe she took the ring off before taking a walk? But then that means the perp was entirely motivated by violence toward her, and not toward getting anything of value out of the car.
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