Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt


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Product Description

While audiences may know Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt Jack Champion from his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Avengers: Endgame, the actor has a larger role to play in Avatar 2. Miles Socorro, aka Spider, is the only human child in the Sully family. The son of the late Colonel Quaritch, Spider is desperate to fit in with his Na’vi siblings but faces resistance from their mother, Neytiri, who is reluctant to accept him. During Avatar: The Way of Water, Spider is abducted by his real father, Quaritch, and used as a tool to track down the Sully family. They form a rocky relationship, but Spider eventually chooses to save Quaritch rather than let him drown, setting up an interesting new dynamic for Avatar 3. Another young new Avatar 2 cast member, Bailey Bass plays Tsireya (aka Reya), the daughter of clan leaders Tonowari and Ronal. Reya is a free-diver and dutiful daughter of the Metkayina tribe but finds her loyalties tested when she becomes close to Jake and Neytiri’s son, Lo’ak.

Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt
Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt

Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt
Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt

Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt
Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt

Canadian star Filip Geljo is the actor behind Ao’nung, the other child of Ronal and Tanawari. Ao’nung is probably best remembered in Avatar 2 as one of the teenagers who bully Kiri, which initiates a fight with Lo’ak and Neteyam Ozark Netflix Ozark Series shirt Eventually, he becomes a friend to the Sully children and offers to help Lo’ak retrieve his captured Tulkun. One of the supporting Avatar 2 characters is Rotxo, portrayed by Duane Evans Jr. Rotxo is known for being a close friend to Ao’nung, and is involved in the fistfight with the Sully siblings. Like his friend, he becomes amicable with the Metkayina’s Na’vi visitors and joins them as they learn to free dive. The gap between the first two Avatar movies may have been long, but things are set to change from now on. With filming already wrapped and a reported 9-hour first cut floating around, Avatar 3 is already speeding toward its 2024 release date. Given the franchise’s focus on the “importance of family”, it’s likely we’ll see a large number of the Avatar 2 cast return for the threequel. This of course excludes characters like Neteyam, who met his end in Avatar 2. However, a number of actors including Worthington, Saldaña, Lang, and Weaver are listed as returning in the next film. There will likely also be some new characters to meet in the next Avatar movie, but until 2024 rolls around Avatar 2 has enough names to remember.


  1. Houston Gray

    This really gave my husband so much joy! He said it brought back a lot of memories for him since this was his favorite group when he was younger… he truly loved this shirt, so glad I got it! The picture and vibrancy that’s in this photo is as is, you get what you see!

  2. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    good quality , the color is correct

  3. Ed Janzen

    Good product a little late but worth it.

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