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Percy Jackson Out To Lunch Ornette Coleman shirt . and the Olympians fans are living well, as a brand-new adaptation of the series is currently in the works for Disney+. From what the author has been touting and the current general entertainment landscape, it seems the story will finally be getting the respect it’s due. With the series being five books long, hopefully, the show will be around for a while. As of now, the first season is set to adapt The Lightning Thief, Percy’s first big quest. While the casting of the story’s main trio did draw some controversy, the book’s author, Rick Riordan, has publicly defended them more than once. He’s very confident in who they’ve chosen to bring the franchise to a new generation of viewers. Now, thanks to some set photos, fans can get their first look at the three best friends in action.

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One of the first things of note in the photos is the taxi cab with a Hades advertisement. For those who have read the books, the bright yellow car likely brought to mind the group’s interaction with The Fates and The Eye Out To Lunch Ornette Coleman shirt . Of course, there’s every chance that the car is simply set decoration, and the important scene happens somewhere different. Another of the photos shows the front of the Empire State Building, aka one of the most important locations in the entire series. This is where modern-day Olympus is and where the group will be visiting more than once. When it comes to the scenes at Mount Olympus itself, that will probably be filmed elsewhere on the sound stages alongside The Volume tech. Hopefully, when Percy Jackson and the Olympians hits Disney+ in 2023 or 2024, it’ll live up to the exceedingly high expectations being set for it.


  1. Marianne Smart

    Love it

  2. Francisca Fuentes Trassierra

    Cool shirt! The quality is good and the nasa logo seems to be sized right and looks durable. Anxious to see what it does after a few washes. Fit good and was what I expected.

  3. Anthony Reid

    Arrived quickly.
    Looks just like photo.
    Very nice t-shirt.
    The color is a darker yellow than expected.

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