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Product Description

Look up what Tarof is in Iran lol Mickey Mouse Tiffany And Co T-Shirt . My friends do it all the time, it’s a form of politeness to offer and the other is supposed to refuse but who knows. They have a saying “be careful as the tarot may never come”. YES! I used to ALWAYS. Because it’s what I grew up with. (And my city was filled with Armenians like me who practice Tarof) so you always offer and if you ACTUALLY want to give it your offer again. I went to college and offered stuff to my American friends and they accepted right away. I was offended for a second because I didn’t actually want to share and thought it was rude.

Mickey Mouse Tiffany And Co T-Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Mickey Mouse Tiffany And Co T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
But still shares because I offered Mickey Mouse Tiffany And Co T-Shirt . Then I realized that I offered and they accepted it’s not rude. So now I only offer my American friends when I actually want to share haha. I always say no at first and then say ‘You sure? I won’t say no twice!’ if they offer again. Haha, yea sees it’s fine to me. It was just a HUGE change from the what I grew up with where EVERYONE says no the first time no questions asked. And when I offered my college friends and they just immediately accepted I was like… What just happened. I learned quickly that other people don’t say no out of politeness and don’t offer out of politeness. Yeah, as a white person from the US with a Filipino girlfriend, I’ve had to adjust some of my social expectations. For example, for me asking “Would you be able to grab me a glass of water?” is an actual question. And one that people can decline. But in the Philippines, (at least how she’s explained it to me) asking for things is usually seen as something you have to/should. Basically the default assumption is to accept and say yes, even if you don’t want to. Or the flip side, when you have to offer three times. Because the first two are expected to be refused out of politeness. It’s maddening!
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