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I’m really sorry this happened to you Marvel Ms. Marvel Comic Cover T-Shirt . I’m also really happy that your coworker was quick enough to get his license plate. Please update us on this man’s conviction for the crime he committed. I’m so puzzled by how you were being a cocktease. Because being a “cocktease” involves teasing someone in a sexual manner, suggestively. But you were just… standing there, doing your job, putting out zero sexual energy. Physical violence lasts mere minutes. Fines and jail time take much longer to deal with.

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And a police arrest record will follow him for a long, long time Marvel Ms. Marvel Comic Cover T-Shirt . You made a good choice. The person who thinks every woman who makes his dick move is a woman who should be a willing receptacle for said dick would label OP a cocktease when she rejects him. I would not be surprised if he has a history of ignoring Nos until a partner gives up and just waits for it to be over. I don’t even think cocktease is a thing at all unless it’s deliberate or agreed upon as a fetish. A person is allowed to change their mind at any time. I hope more people understand rejection more and stop acting like little kids pretty much-throwing toys out of a crib. I’m also happy you are safe. Bullying is any move where you take advantage of another person, as in “I’m going to do this to you even though you don’t like it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I am so sorry this happened to you that shit is so disgusting, and it’s bad enough to deal with when it happens randomly, but I have to imagine it’s especially frustrating when it happens at your workplace.  That is way more common than you’d think. When I used to bartend guys would fight over that spot. I used to laugh it off because if you asked them to knock it off they generally would and it never got out of hand but my lord… the obsession with boobs is something I as a female will never understand. As a guy, I totally understand it. But being voyeuristic and rude, especially with a total stranger who can’t avoid the location she is doing a chore at – incredibly rude and verges on – no wait, totally is – bullying behavior. And as a gay girl, I get it too. But the difference is unless you’re a creep with zero awareness and respect it’s quite easy to NOT stare at a woman’s chest.

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  1. Marianne Smart

    nice t shirt

  2. Stacy Wargo

    Shirt fit great. Great material. Looks good

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