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After The Flash’s Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt start in 2014, nine years later, the DC Comics show is set to come to an end with its final season—one that’ll see the return of John Diggle, Kid Flash, and Arrow himself. For those keeping up with information regarding Grant Gustin’s final hurrah as the Scarlet Speedster, clearly, he will have his hands full in this last season. The trailer for the batch of episodes features the return of basically his entire rough gallery, including a heavy focus on both Reverse Flash and Godspeed. It also revealed that Barry Allen would be up against a new speedster: Red Death. While Barry might not know it yet, this new villain is an evil version of Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman. Now, new set photos offer a glimpse at one of the final installments, which includes audiences’ first look at some returning familiar faces.

Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt
Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt

Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt
Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt

On John Diggle’s last appearance in The Flash, the character had quite the character arc—one with details that got under the skin of some fans. For a long while, many believed Diggle was meant to become a Green Lantern Marty Portrait Ozark Tv Show shirt Even the end of Arrow blatantly teased that outcome. Yet, in Diggle’s brief part in Season 8 of The Flash, he threw the ring away, declining the opportunity to become a cosmic hero. Will The Flash’s final stretch go back on that questionable narrative choice? Ramsey himself previously admitted that “[he wants to] be Green Lantern with a really good budget,” so the desire to follow through on the fan theory is still there. Diggle is still supposedly appearing in his won Arrowverse spinoff show Justice U, but it remains unclear if the shifting landscape at DC Studios will allow that to happen. As for Wally West, one of the last times Barry saw him, they were dealing with the death of the Speed Force. So, what are they up to here? More importantly, is this the Wally West audiences know, or one from an earlier point in the timeline? The Flash’s final season lands on February 8, 2023, with a 13-episode final season.


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