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A senior Lexie Grey Doctor In Greys Anatomy shirt animator on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse revealed the upcoming wall-crawling sequel is not a kid’s movie. Sony Pictures Animation’s Spider-Verse 2 comes with the lofty task of not continuing the story of Into the Spider-Verse, but following up on a film that literally re-defined what an animated film could be. The first film took the medium of animation, broke nearly every rule for said medium, and did so by telling a mature and nuanced story that one may not expect from a bright and colorful animated film. Across the Spider-Verse is looking like it will take the torch from its predecessor in that respect, telling another exciting story, that has been called “[Avengers:] Endgame-esque.” And for anyone wondering if the upcoming sequel would lose that mature edge, one Across the Spider-Verse animator has swung in to quell those fears.

Lexie Grey Doctor In Greys Anatomy shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Lexie Grey Doctor In Greys Anatomy shirt
Lexie Grey Doctor In Greys Anatomy shirt

It is reassuring to know that Across the Spider-Verse will not lose that more mature edge that was seen in the last film. While no one should expect something dark and gritty like Netflix’s Daredevil or DC’s The Batman, this franchise can still deal with more complex characters and narrative decisions meant for an older audience. What should be even more exciting though is that Lexie Grey Doctor In Greys Anatomy shirt despite this mature bent coming over from Into the Spider-Verse, there was an effort to make this film “completely new.” As Santos said, “[they were] not trying to redo anything [they’ve] done before.” The first Spider-Verse film was full of massive risks, from its unorthodox animation style to its very existence at all. The fact that even more risks were the first thing that came to mind when Santos compared the first and second movies should say a lot about how big these creative and narrative leaps are going to be in the second film. The animator has explained that the film was like “the wild west” creatively, and it certainly sounds like these animators, producers, writers, and directors are making the film they truly want to make, and one that lives up to the lofty legacy of Into the Spider-Verse.


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