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The offense was fun to watch today Lets Get Shamrocked shirt . The whole dugout homerun stare was pretty great too.  loved the results but damn wish outfielders would stop that dance after a win they look like idiots. Astros on track again. Just have to take care of business vs Angels after off day.  It’s hard to fathom the Houston Astros, are ready to take on the likes of the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees, with the upcoming playoffs looming in the distance. While the baseball team continues to struggle with mediocre teams like the Oakland Athletics & Seattle Mariners, within its own divisional play. It’s going to be a huge struggle to repeat as “World Series” champions once again.  I think by now, the whole league knows not to let the Astros bats get hot!!

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Hopefully, they got this losing streak out of their system and now can resume their superhuman baseball ways Lets Get Shamrocked shirt . Astros score all those runs and try to blow it at the end. Stop dancing and win about 5 games in a row. I want to know the name of the announcer that says looking up see you later too Tyler whites home run… I like when he says it like that.  Keep it up. If we can get everyone healthy and keep them that way I think we will be ok. Great time for the bats to come alive. Let’s get a win streak going.  like you want the first place here you go ha ha ha sike… give me the first place back.  I even paid for about to watch the game..I’m from Pittsburgh and I never get to see the was a little tense at the beginning but turned out great.
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