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I’m a dumb Leni Kiko Jeepney Leni Robredo shirt . apparently because I didn’t get any of what they are saying in the article. After reading it, the movie makes so much more sense. The line “who is the victim and who is the hero” completely clicked for me because I felt sorry for “the tethered” at times. Especially when the family was bludgeoning them to death. I’m sure that was intentional. All that stuff about America and suppressed realities is amazing. Fucking masterpiece. It feels like a horror sequel to the social network with a proletariat vs bourgeoisie through the line.

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I gotta give it to the vague world building they showed us in the beginning and throughout the film Leni Kiko Jeepney Leni Robredo shirt . I thought it was a direct reference to the slaves and their usage of the Underground Railroad, but it ended up being thousands of facilities housing clones. Like why did make clones for? I hope they never tell us, it would ruin the creepy element. This movie is so great man. Such a throwaway line that I assumed was for character building and then boom. It’s actually foreshadowing. It’s foreshadowed when the daughter talks about the government using fluoride to mind-control people. That doesn’t make sense to me. If the tethered Adelaide switched with the Surface Adelaide when she was a child, then the tethered Jason isn’t biologically related to the woman screaming No as he walks into the fire. The tethered Adelaide has surface children and vice versa. Also maybe I’m unclear on this, but it seems as though the tethering only works one way. The surface people can control the tethered, but the tethered have no effect on their surface counterparts. So the tethered Jason shouldn’t be able to effect surface movements. Believe it was original Adelaide running off that triggered the tethered version to also run away from her family. Leading to them meeting in the hall of mirrors. I think the escalator represents the downward trajectory of class mobility in the common era. I think the lighter ht of the lower class is invisible to the higher class. See I’m the opposite. That’s really interesting. The ending raised more questions than answers. I predicted the ending at the very beginning. I expected stronger support for the ending though- the ones I caught were Adeline’s animalistic behaviors and connection to the tethered children
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3 reviews for Leni Kiko Jeepney Leni Robredo shirt

  1. Trevor Masters

    As expected but a tall person I recommend large to be longer in my opinion.

  2. Chris Koenke

    muy buena calidad

  3. Christian James

    I loved these shirts and finally got another one after so many years. The design is gorgeous and very bright😁

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