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I get what you’re saying When Jesus Love Bass Players shirt . reports first started coming out on the 29th, I figured it might be some kind of large scale prank because everything coming out of it was so comically fucking ridiculous, from the cheese sandwiches to the shitty tents and popsicle stick concierge desk. You are correct. The original comic series was also super violent and filled with dark satire. It wasn’t intended to appeal to kids at all. It’s something I can deal with, though. It’ll be nice to have a cheap, easy way to monitor my front door.

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Your of the origins of TMNT is just factually wrong in every conceivable way Jesus Love Bass Players shirt . But it became an unexpected overnight success and within a few years, they started licensing toys, shows, and movies. The original TMNT series was actually super-violent and dark – it bears little resemblance to the cartoon franchise we know today. A button would work well. It’s a poor derivative because it isn’t derivative. It seems like a fun/easy way to do a lot of home automation stuff as well or even keep track of things. I’ve seen some blogs on how to hack the Dash buttons using Raspberry Pi’s etc. Figured there had to be an easier way and setting up the Dash button halfway was the key. For me, by the time I’ve unlocked my phone, I might as well press a shortcut as try to use. A button would work well. Now if only Amazon gave these out as promotions with orders instead of charging I’d be set. This is really neat, nice job making this! I might look into buying one of these Dash buttons now. Although it would be simple enough to automate that with Tasker I kind of like the final manual check before I get 15 extra pizza at my front door. Except Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was originally a graphic novel and a dark toned one at that. It received moderate success and then was made into a kid’s cartoon show, which is where it took off as the phenomenon we have today.
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