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A lesson Ishtar gate in babylon fit ladies shirt . if you’re going to let your cat outside, same rules should be followed that are used for dogs: secured backyard or leash. This would never have happened if people kept positive control of their pets.  Would never have happened had the cat been in the house like it was supposed to be. Hope you learned your lesson. He’s a beautiful boy.  I just showed that video to my nephew who was born as handicapped! He got four fingers on his left hand and he got almost no hand and fingers on his right hand at all. I encouraged him by saying that the cat has also become handicapped after facing a dramatic accident but he or she never give up his or her own life! Life still goes on! He wasn’t electrocuted if he’s still alive. I know it doesn’t really matter but just saying everybody thinks electrocution means shocked but electrocuted means death by electric shock.

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 Beautiful tuff cat, so sorry he lost his arms and tail in a bad electrical accident Ishtar gate in babylon fit ladies shirt . Thank God he is happy and healthy and has a good loving home, I compromise by letting my cats go outdoors only in my backyard. They can actually be trained to do that, or you can put a special netting at the top of the fence to keep them safe or build them a catio. so many missing the point here, they could have put the fur baby down but decided to give Able a chance. A for the keep cats inside nut jobs, cats, and dogs were outside creatures man is the one who put them inside. we have 3 inside cats, 2 are rescues who can’t make it on their own and the 3rd is a grandeur baby who is only 4 pounds full grown. And 5 outside who adopted us, and we love them all. Feed them, provide water and treats. In return no mice which means no snakes.
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2 reviews for Ishtar gate in babylon fit ladies shirt

  1. Houston Gray

    Being a cat lover I couldn’t resist this t shirt. I am the proud owner of 9 mountain t shirts so this makes number 10. All mountain t shirts are made of the highest quality. They wash well, do not go out of shape, shrink or go baggy; and if washed as per instructions there is no fading of the design, also they are suitable for tumble drying at medium temperature. The design is integrated into the shirt so nothing to rub off or disintegrate. The t shirts are thick cotton and loose fitted. This design is perfect for any cat lover.

  2. mary Berry

    Great shirt. Holds up well to many washes. Did not shrink! Worth the purchase for sure!

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