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this is satire right they Bicycle Irish You Were Beer shirt . rework her. And make her overturned as shit numerically and mechanically for game health. its an incentive to play the game with an advantage and when you win you’re more inclined to ‘flex’ with your paid cosmetics. Dude seriously stop asking this type of questions, do you understand business models? Riot has a sales analytics department, they know there is a significantly higher margin of profit-making popular champ skins than other champs. I understand your frustration that your favorite champion doesn’t have new skin, but LoL is a free game and Riot has to take decisions like this to make the company viable.

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Classic Women’s
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This kind of skin Irish You Were Beer shirt . is not for players only. I can see a riot in the future doing hologram concerts and tours around the world for riot songs. And Akali would fit perfectly for that, do you remember how crazy people went for K/DA Akali? My boy Bard hasn’t had skin in YEARS so he should be due for one but even a cheap Akali skin probably makes more money than a legendary or ultimate skin for a champ like him or any of the other neglected champs. It’s been 5 whole years since he got a skin (Half of League’s lifetime) and now Akali is getting 2-3 in 4 months when it’s been 5 YEARS!! He could’ve fit in bilgewater, project, even star guardian. A band called True doesn’t have. Any champion with true damage, besides maybe Senna….. that isn’t right. This skin line will quite literally be the single worst cash grab idea they have ever had, because they screwed over all the champions that literally have True Damage as their identity, like Fiora, Camille, Vayne, Master Yi… even Vel’koz… all better choices. How is Akali supposed to be in two fucking bands at once? Why couldn’t they make the music universe competitive, like Blackpink vs Twice? Or True Damage should have been an edgy boy band, with Yasuo, Ekko, Kayn, Ezreal, and Jayce.
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2 reviews for Irish You Were Beer shirt

  1. Michelle Savage

    Cute and durable T-shirt.

  2. Marianne Smart

    I have received so many compliments regarding the shirt you must buy!

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