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Sigourney Weaver I’m A Greyaholic Greys Anatomy shirt is another returning Avatar cast member, but she has a surprising new role in the sequel. Weaver once portrayed Dr. Grace Augustine, the scientist who lead the Avatar program on Pandora and fostered relationships with the Na’vi people. After Grace’s demise in the first movie, Weaver returns as a new character, Kiri, the 14-year-old biological daughter of Grace’s Avatar body. Thanks to Jake and Grace’s friendship, Kiri is adopted into the Sully family. Kiri struggles with her outcast status throughout the movie and seeks more knowledge about her birth mother. She’s able to get some information after swimming with the Metkayina clan and connecting to their underwater Spirit Tree but it results in her having a violent seizure.

I’m A Greyaholic Greys Anatomy shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

I’m A Greyaholic Greys Anatomy shirt
I’m A Greyaholic Greys Anatomy shirt

The oldest biological son of Jake and Neytiri is Neteyam, played by The School For Good and Evil actor Jamie Flatters. Neteyam is constantly pressured by the expectations of being the elder brother, with his father demanding he protect his siblings. Neteyam eventually takes this order to his grave after he’s tragically shot in a battle against the RDA while trying to save his family. The second sibling in the Sully family is Lo’ak, played by Britain Dalton, who becomes one of the major Avatar 2 characters I’m A Greyaholic Greys Anatomy shirt Lo’ak is often seen as the troublemaker of the family and has inherited Jake’s reckless nature, which results in a tense father-son relationship. In Avatar: The Way of Water, Lo’ak forms some of the strongest bonds with the Metkayina clan, striking up a close friendship with Tsireya. He also connects with the outcast Tulkun whale, Payakan. The youngest of the Sully siblings is Tuktirey, affectionately known as Tuk, who is portrayed by Avatar 2 cast member Trinity Bliss. Tuk is closest to her sibling Kiri, who acts as her friend and mentor in the sequel. At only seven years old, Tuk is too young to accompany her family on their more dangerous missions, but she still finds herself at the center of plenty of action.


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