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Very detailed and interesting stuff mate I love WSC T-shirt . As much canon info as you could squeeze into it as well as putting the clues together for some of your own interpretation yeah? A lot of it was my own interpretation, sadly- oblivion just never really gave us much for Nibenay. I’ve done my best, however, to build it all around what little we’ve been given. Yeah ok, I didn’t think there was much too much, at best basically very little to go in game Oblivion – book-wise.

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Even from other sources? For fleshing out a credible interpretation, you did very well mate I love WSC T-shirt . Hmm… a lot of the sources I actually borrowed from were things like forum posts and community ideas. Most of the geography was entirely me, and a lot of the very specific regional details were as well. Hello Zinitrad, I finally took the time to read this. The pictures are beautiful and very evocative, as always. Many thanks for putting this together, it’s definitely awesome! Must have taken quite some time. Heading to part 2 now! wrote the song with Leland and mike sabbath (who was only 19 when he produced it!!!!) and the bridge had yet to be written so I texted amir because his tone is magical, sensual, and wonderful and he’s an incredibly talented writer. then within days, he sent me over his part and I went in and played it for my label that day. Hey, I loved your cover of “Always Remeber Us This Way,” and I was wondering: how would you suggest I start listening to your music? This seems like an inappropriate question, so feel free to roast me if you don’t want to answer. Well, that’s one way of trying it out. I just realized that I know (and love) “In The Middle of Starting Over,” as one of my best friends performed it for a whole bunch of talent shows. I’ll give you some coins! I feel with the way music is digested nowadays I wanted you to be able to really hear each song. So technically by splitting it into 2 albums, I’m able to give you more songs whereas if I just did one album I think a few would have had to go. How much say did you get in the sonic landscape of the album? Your sound has evolved (no pun intended okay maybe a lie lmao) so much and it’s so mature sounding now. Was it a natural progression, or did you have to work harder to have a more “adult” sound?
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