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Many DC Universe fans are I just hope both teams have fun vintage Football shirt scratching their heads, wondering if they just spotted Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the newest trailer for Shazam! Fury of the Gods. In the fresh footage, audiences were shown the intimidating Hespera, played by Helen Mirren, and her two sisters, as they go up against the Shazam family. The trio seems to be doing a great job at it, too, as several members of Billy’s team are shown being decommissioned. The new teaser featured so much that many fans think it might have shown off the majority of its plot. While fans will have to see if that rings true, it’s certainly made discussion around the film more complicated. But in its many treasures, fans discovered a very familiar-looking shoulder—one that belongs to an actress who just had her third solo movie canned at Warner Bros. (WB).

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Oddly enough, shortly after the cancelation of Wonder Woman 3, it was reported that Gal Gadot’s cameo in the upcoming The Flash film was taken out. So, if this is truly Princess Diana fans are seeing in the Shazam! trailer, then why did this appearance get to stay? Well, the answer is likely in how it’s not Gadot at all I just hope both teams have fun vintage Football shirt Further more, as the footage description revealed, the character is only present for a quick dream but. This non-consequential role is backed up by a previous rumor last August which claimed that the super-heroine would have a “not insignificant role in [Fury of the Gods], including at least one action scene.” Though, it’s still questionable why this cameo for the character in general would stay, while the supposed one in The Flash was cut. Perhaps there is more to the role than audiences assume, which made it hard to simply remove it. Though maybe what fans are looking at is another faceless cameo, much like Henry Cavill’s Superman got in the first film. There are tons of questions regarding the future of the DCU, and Wonder Woman’s place in the super-powered franchise is certainly one of the biggest. For now, fans should just cross their fingers and hope that they’ll at least get to see Gadot in the role one more time. Shazam! Fury of the Gods hits theaters on March 17.


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