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When was the last time Hollows Knights shirt . put out a track? Feel like I havent seen the name Yasiin Bey outside of political conversation in some time He just put out a whole album but didn’t release it commercially. He did a one-day listening party in a theater overseas somewhere. The most Mos Def thing ever. Hopefully, it comes out soon Yeah there’s no official release yet but it’s supposed to be on his album that he’s only performing live. Apparently right after that song is when he takes the picture of you.

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I’m super stoked about this Hollows Knights shirt . my one critique about piñata is that the amount of features kind of bogged down the projects at times. This is gonna be dope Two of my favorites for sure. It was great to see them supporting a newer artist. It also gonna be great hearing them with Madlib as well. Best of both worlds. Mos & Thought is a match made in heaven. Also, the fact that they didn’t put Bandana on the album and Flat Tummy Tea is still there is a good sign of them knowing what sounds good. Flat Tummy Tea was far superior to Bandana which felt flat. Easy AOTY contender. College trilogy is beyond amazing but I can definitely see Piñata, Bandana and Montana matching it or even surpass it as a trilogy if they keep with this trajectory. I am so excited for this second installment. Album looking fire, some great features sheeesh. Gawd I have never been this excited for an album. I can’t even begin to say which tracks I’m most excited for. Obviously Education but I’m also really curious about Freestyle Shit and Massage Seats. People talk about how left-field some of these beats are but no one is talking about Massage Seats or the second half of Half Manne Half Cocaine, those are probably my favorite beats of the album. This is the song that I’m not super hyped about rn but I’ll definitely find myself becoming obsessed with as time goes on. Just such a bizarre beat I need to let that shit marinate in my head and ears for a bit  Ye isn’t a bad album but it definitely is his worst. Just a boring album outside of Ghost Town. Plus Kanye gave us Daytona and kids see the ghost in the same timeframe so he gets a pass imo.
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3 reviews for Hollows Knights shirt

  1. Lia Lyford

    I love it ,a little bit on the small side than what i expected ,if u want a baggy fit order 2 or even three size more from it normal size .But very lovely cotton strong fabric material

  2. Christian James

    Purchased this t-shirt in a men’s small for my 11-year old son who has a solid build (not obese). It fits him perfectly. He loves it. I love it. My husband plans to buy himself one of these shirts. The material is top quality. My son says it’s “the best feeling t-shirt” he’s ever worn. It’s a very nice soft cotton. Highly recommend you purchase one.

  3. Trevor Masters

    ooks great! Haven’t worn it anywhere yet, but I will soon!

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