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He did a really long burnout with the bike Hello Darkness My Old Friend shirt . Dave Hamm, it wasn’t the tires that exploded it was the engine that got flooded with fuel from redlining so long, then the unburnt fuel in the engine ignited causing it to burn. That smack cam thing is really shit, if those girls did that to me you can bet all their phones would be in the damn river. maybe their handbags too. So one guy throws a plastic cup of beer on the fire and then stares at it. The next throw a can of beer on the fire and stares and it. The owner tries to then blow it out. I’m guessing they don’t work for the fire brigade. It brings so much joy to my heart to see these arrogant idiots wreck their nice pricey cars. In front of people non the less.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Hello Darkness My Old Friend  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Hello Darkness My Old Friend  Hoodie
Hello Darkness My Old Friend  Sweatshirt
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a guy with the motorbike tried to blow out the fire with his mouth like it was some sort of birthday candle Hello Darkness My Old Friend shirt . These 30-year-olds that smash TVs when they lose a game, you need to sort out your mental illness. First off move out of your mama’s house. That stupid smack cam bitch would have found my hand belting her across the face. And rapidly following my phone would have been hers. The guy with the burning motorbike? Are those guys around them drinking.. beer? Which contains ALCOHOL? Which do they pour on the bike? Lol. Oh yes, lets put a small glass of water on the flaming bike… oh no, it didn’t work… ok, let’s stomp it out… damn it, that didn’t work either… let’s blow it out… oh wait, that’s for candles… STUPID BRAIN!ditto. Look at her face, those eyes. Is there anyone who looks more sweet, lost, or sad that this family pup who adored children, dogs, and a cat? SAVE her life now. PM our page for assistance. I know the exact feeling. I also play music and struggle in the same way. Every single thing you said in this post and song, I go through as well. I love your music and your covers. Thank you for sharing! You are not alone…I’m not sure if that’s comforting or more depressing. Lol. But there is always sunshine after the cloudy days and it’s that mixture of feelings that make the good days worth it. You’re welcome. A lot of musicians pop up on my feed and rarely do any make me feel something inside. Yeah, there are tons of talented people all over the world but a soul is rare…and you’ve got the soul.
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