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Jesus Christ that’s heartbreaking Grinch And Max I Need Only My Dog Christmas T-Shirt . All these protestors who hate cops forget that each day could be an officer’s last. It’s a risky career that is underpaid and, nowadays, significantly underappreciated. I don’t even watch any news I just read headlines on Reddit nowadays honestly. They all say they’re about journalistic integrity but none of them are. Yet we need impartial, fact-checked, and source-based journalism now more than ever. Instead, we have the ghost of William Randolph Hearst dancing on the corpse of journalistic integrity and laughing. The statement doesn’t indicate who the aggressor is; the officer or the spouse. This same study reports that the victims reported a 10% rate of physical domestic violence from their partner.

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Grinch And Max I Need Only My Dog Christmas T-Shirt Classic Men's T-shirt
Classic Men’s
4The study includes ‘violent incidents’ a one time push, shove, shout, loss of temper, or incidents where a spouse acted out in anger Grinch And Max I Need Only My Dog Christmas T-Shirt . These do not meet the legal standard for domestic violence. The study is a survey and not an empirical scientific study. The “domestic violence” acts are not confirmed. The study occurred nearly 30 years ago. This study shows minority and female officers were more likely to commit the DV, and white males were least likely. Additional reference from a Congressional hearing on the study. I did a random trade last week, got a level 100 shiny max. Excellent stat chuckle named Shuck Norris holding a master ball. That guy has been used in raids and it hits hard. I was thinking about how insane it is that Shuckle hasn’t gotten. I remember playing it years ago, it was super fun. I liked brainstorming potentially game-breaking fusions and I realized that Chansey+Shuckle w/. Eviolite would be an absolutely busted tank but I didn’t get far enough before I stopped playing. Do be wary, they calculate fused stats based on head and body. So Chansey+Shuckle will have different stats than Shuckle+Chansey. So you’ll need to plan accordingly. Chansey head, chuckle body. Btw the game is still getting constant updates. I check it out sometimes as they’re making custom sprites for many fusions. Same, except I got a toxic rock named Frog Legs instead. Thing is a fucking beast compared to my other ‘mons.
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