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I read in an interview somewhere that the Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day shirt . of destroyed the E-D was not just to get new sets, but that the D was designed to fit on a TV screen and they needed a bridge for the wider dimensions of a movie screen. They had actually tossed around the idea of destroying the Enterprise-D with a saucer crash in season 6 to get a new ship, though I can’t remember specifically which books mention this. The idea was tossed out because it couldn’t be done properly on a TV budget, but that’s why the TNG Technical Manual featured a whole section on the saucer’s ability to survive a crash landing.

Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day  Hoodie
Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day  Sweatshirt
Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day  Unisex
If I remember correctly, the plot of that Good Moms Say Bad Words Mothers Day shirt . would have involved the Enterprise, and all Galaxy-class ships, pushed into retirement from active Starfleet service as the idea of having floating cities full of families and children was no longer seen as a great idea due to the changing political climate in the alpha quadrant. They’d be used as civilian cruise liners instead. The proposed plotline would involve the crew stealing the Ent-D, “Search for Spock”-style, for One Last Mission, during which it would be destroyed. I feel like their shift from the Galaxy-class to other styles would be during the infancy of the Dominion War, after they sent a Galaxy-class. Putting civilians so close to the front lines would be a dangerous move, especially since at the time the Galaxy-class was the flagship of the fleet. (USS Defiant) still in dry dock for another year or so, you could see the defense of DS9, however little it was, be covered by smaller, more maneuverable ships like the Yaeger class and the like. Really there was a huge redesign of the next class of ships, from the Akira class, Steamrunner class and even the OP ship that was only seen once the Prometheus class. The Enterprise usually doesn’t have a convenient station or planet to leave civilians on when they embark. And leaving the saucer in deep space leaves the stardrive going into a situation short the ship’s two strongest phaser arrays as well as its impulse engines and shield emitters.
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